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Apr 10 2012

Do Male GLBT Romance Authors Have it Easier?

So what do I mean by easier? Do male authors who write in the GBLT romance category have a bigger, loyal fanbase, make more sales, and have an advantage over the female authors of the same category?

Me thinks YES!

Here’s why

  1. In many of cases, male authors of gay fiction are gay themselves. Therefore, when reading male-written gay romance the reader believes (even if they don’t admit it or even know it) that they’re getting an inside look into real M/M relationships, getting a truer male point of view.

  2. Also, knowing that most readers of gay romance and romance in general are women (according to RWA’s statistics, women make up 91 percent of the romance book buyers), I think some women tend to associate the male authors with their male protagonists.     

  3. Some women love a romantic man. And if you happened to be a male writer of romance, how more romantic could you be? You’re writing about love and emotions between men, (and in erotic romance) sex, good sex. We love that, right?

For those reasons, I also think those authors with ambiguous names like; Kaje or True, or initials instead of names like; G.A or J.S, or unisex names like; Chris, Terry or Jamie, can sell more books in the gay category as well.

I’m not saying these authors don’t have to write a good book, promote that book and social network to gather sales, readers and make a name for themselves like we all do. I’m suggesting that, due to the reasons above, some male authors of gay romance might have it a tad bit easier and get success (whatever that means. I know it’s subjective) faster than the rest of us.

How about you? What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinion.

Mar 18 2012

Seeking Amy (Seven Sins Series)

Amy Cole is materialistic, egotistical and awfully sexy. These are traits that will soon get her in trouble especially when Kato Hayashi, her neighbor, tries convincing her that he can make her happy as her lover. After repeated trial and error, he surprises her with a custom gift and suddenly she can’t refuse the gift or him.

And when her secret lover Bryson, Kato’s best friend, visits her she finds she’s demanding gifts from him. Disappointed, she asks him to leave only to later realize that the boys have a secret of their own.

She’s left questioning her true motives as feelings for the boys start to emerge, leaving her confused but titillated. She’s an exhibitionist with an obsession for material things, and two gorgeous men want her to be their lover. Can she redeem herself by erasing her greedy side? Can making them one happy trio be enough to satisfy them all?

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