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Seven Sins Series

The two-book, MMF erotic series which stands alone but each book explores half of the seven sins: lust, vanity, pride, greed, gluttony, anger, sloth.



Sunni’s angry. Her boyfriend left her for another man. Friends Joseph and Ben suggest they all share a night of sex to help heal her broken heart. With help from Joseph’s novel’s Samantha aka “Sam,” Sunni realizes being someone else might give her the emotional strength she’s been lacking. By taking on another’s persona, could she finally get over her losses and diminish her anger?


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SEEKING AMY (Seven Sins Series)

Amy is greedy, egotistical and sexy and Kato thinks he can make her happy as his lover even though Bryson has already tried. Amy’s left questioning her true motives as feelings for the boys start to emerge. She’s an exhibitionist obsessed with material things, and two great men want her to be their lover. Can she erase her greedy side? Can making them a trio be enough to satisfy them all?


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