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Leslie Lee Sanders also writes horror and thriller under L.L. Sanders. Here’s what’s available and coming soon. Want to know more? Add a comment or shoot me an email!



Passing The Torch by L.L. Sanders

Deep in the Arizona desert rests a house of secrets … a house of utter horror … a house that must burn to the ground.

Mesa has secrets. Twelve, twenty, fifty secrets. Over the years she’s learned to bury them, a collection of rotten seeds stowed away in the hidden parts of her, rooting deep down in that place where deception and sorrow are stored. Waiting, for that single ray of light to set them free.

And now those secrets are surfacing, as Mesa begins to question the life she’s so carefully cultivated. How far would you go for someone you love? How much pain would you endure to keep your family together? And what if the person you love was the source of your pain?

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WDITD_coverWhat’s Done in the Dark by L.L. Sanders

What’s done in the dark will come to light … those words are engraved on the door and offer the only clue as to why I’m trapped in this windowless room with the only other occupant: a chair. The old dining chair and the overwhelming sense of someone watching begins my upsetting journey to discover who’s responsible and why. Is discovering who’s behind my imprisonment the key to my freedom?

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don't scream.Final.webDon’t Scream by L.L. Sanders

As a way to cope, Andrea and her two girlfriends meet monthly to make up stories detailing the imagined death of the man who abducted her last Halloween night. But as the night ends, it becomes more twisted than their imagination.

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The After_ebookThe After: Odd Stories of the Afterlife by L.L. Sanders

A collection of 3 short stories with the central theme of the afterlife. Including:

The After: A trainer teaches a young heir the proper way to fulfill blessings in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Unveiling: A scientist will stop at nothing to prove the existence of space-time anomalies.

Dead End (revised and republished from Stage of Horror): A hospice worker examines if people know they’re going to die before they do and if they were given signs to warn them ahead of time in Dead End.


Available: Smashwords | Kindle | Nook | OminLit (All Romance non-romance site) | Booktrack




stageThe Stage of Horror: Six Horrific Acts on One Stage by L.L. Sanders

Welcome to the Stage of Horror. Here, you will examine many of the fears that make your hair stand on end and your heart race. It may surprise you to know humans and supernatural beings have a lot in common. One being that they both could do some very horrific things.

Witness six acts of horror on one stage.

– A little boy finds out the truth about his stepmother’s claims of a malicious, skinless man whom may have murdered his mother in The Skinless Man.

– A hospice worker examines if people know they’re going to die before they do and if they were given signs to warn them ahead of time in Dead End.

– After witnessing a drowning, Jimmy Wagoner imagines what it would be like to uncover a crime and be deemed a hero for his efforts. He’s even willing to go as far as killing in order to make that happen in Imagine.

– Siblings find themselves stranded in an isolated field late one night, but they weren’t prepared for the mysterious figure they’d eventually run into on the desolate road in Mumbles.

– Clara’s sister is awakened every night by a mysterious scratching sound at her window. She swears something is lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike in A Little Past Midnight.

– Mildred Grey won’t stop at anything to get Sara’s secret to maple tree tapping, even if it means ignoring Sara’s dire warning about the malevolent shadow people in Maple Grey.


Available: Kindle

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