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Happy Holiday Shorts


Popular especially around the holidays, the Happy Holiday Shorts includes three erotic books, different characters, but revolves around one special kiss on one special night. Can read as a standalone but are best when read together (as the characters from the other titles make cameo appearances)! Each book focuses on  different pairings so there’s something for everyone.



Kyla and Mike are bored at the Happy Holiday party and are in search of fun. The couple crashes an underground party where they blindly roam the dark room, the first person they kiss is the person they must spend the rest of the night with in naughty bliss. A kiss from steamy hunk Bret turns out to be the type of fun Kyla was hoping for, especially when her boyfriend Mike ends up kissing him too.

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ALL ABOUT A KISS (MF, Interracial, light bondage)

Jasmine attends the Happy Holiday party the office has been raving about, but the party’s a dud. So she crashes a party where the lights are shut off and she must walk the darkened room until she bumps into a stranger worth kissing, once she kisses her stranger she must spend the rest of the night with him. Jasmine’s surprised to be making out with a cutie who calls himself “The Wrangler.”

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Alex attends a Happy Holiday party with an invitation from his friend Zak. Too bad Zak is flirting with his female coworker instead of spending the night in Alex’s bed. Looking for fun, Alex crashes an underground party were he indulges in a sexy game; spend the night with the stranger you lock lips with once the lights go out. Can Alex find a guy to help get his mind off of his best friend Zak?

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