Best-Selling Book Blog Series


Best-Selling Book Blog Series (Coming 2014)

Let’s write a bestseller!

I want to give back to my blog readers by tackling the best-selling book formula head-on! Does a formula exist? Can a bestseller REALLY be made by following a fixed pattern? Are bestsellers created by fate or formed?

Or both?


With your help, I’ll be launching the Best-Selling Book Blog Series in 2014. It will consist of twelve blog posts published over a twelve week period. While writing my next novel, I will discuss each step I take in the journey to find the bestselling book formula, and my attempts to create a bestseller using the “formula,” and how you can do it too.

This twelve week case study will include:

  • Setting goals

  • Creating a marketing plan

  • Story outlining

  • Interviews from best-selling authors

  • Affordable and effective book promotion tips and more

The best part about this? We can apply “the formula” and answer the question together. Can we craft a best-selling book? And here’s where you come in, your input will help get the series prepared for publication on this very blog! I’m in the planning and researching phase at the moment, and this is the best time for some reader feedback.

So, what topics would you like to see included in the series? What will help you the most in turning your latest WIP into a bestseller? Be heard by voting on the poll below, or emailing me directly at leslie @ leslieleesanders . com. Thank you!


Best-selling Book Blog Series
Topic I most want covered in the 12 week Best-selling Book Blog Series is...



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