Feb 03 2016

Establish an Emotional Connection Using Deep POV (What I Learned Writing Darkness Eternal: Refuge Inc.)

  Deep point of view, or Deep POV for short, is a technique used to get inside the mind of a character and make a deep emotional connection with readers. Today we’re going to discuss writing in deep POV. Woohoo! We’ve made it to the fourth installment in the weekly blog series featuring important writing …

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Jan 24 2016

Understanding Theme (What I Learned Writing Darkness Eternal: Refuge Inc.)

  Understanding your book’s theme is necessary to create meaningful and lasting stories that have deeper meaning than what’s on the surface. Thanks for tuning in to the third installment in the weekly blog series featuring important writing lessons I learned while writing my story from the post-apocalyptic/dystopian Refuge Inc. series, Darkness Eternal. Darkness Eternal is …

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Jan 15 2016

Hook Your Readers 5 Ways (What I Learned Writing Darkness Eternal: Refuge Inc.)

As a writer, you’re familiar with the method of getting and keeping readers interested in your book by luring them in with a hook. We often think to “hook” a reader requires a snappy, hard-hitting, action-packed opening line, add one and then our work is done. The truth? A great hook propels the reader forward to the next great …

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Jan 08 2016

Master the Element of Surprise (What I Learned Writing Darkness Eternal: Refuge Inc.)

    Want to turn a dull story into an exciting one? Want readers to talk about your story long after reading it? Surprise them. Plot twists and surprise endings are just some of the components that make up great fiction. Following are some tips you can apply to master the element of surprise in …

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Jan 01 2016

New Blog Series for Writers & Darkness Eternal (Refuge Inc.)

First, Happy 2016! I hope 2015 was as good and productive as ever for you. And here’s to an amazing and lucky 2016! Speaking of luck. I’m lucky to have the passion to tell stories and the desire to teach others a few things that I’ve learned from the process. Like many authors, I learn …

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Oct 14 2015

The Devastated World of Refuge Inc.

There are times when I look out over the horizon during a sunset and imagine (much like Louis from Interview with a Vampire), that it could be the last I see. Sometimes those vivid thoughts seep into my mind while I sleep, and I would wake the next morning, surprised that sun rays found their way through the tiny …

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Sep 08 2015

Dive into the Opening Scene of the Latest Refuge Inc. Story

Resurfaced (Refuge Inc.) by Leslie Lee Sanders A standalone of the Refuge Inc. series Length: Novelette Genre/tags: sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, gay, LGBTQ BLURB: Tasked with a deadly mission, Damien and Patrick must return to the surface and discover healthy plant life that survived the toxic devastation that wiped out all life after a cataclysmic asteroid …

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Aug 04 2015

Follow Your Favorite Authors on Amazon

Wondering when the next book from your favorite author will be available? Amazon announced a new follow feature that allows you to follow your favorite authors and be the first to hear about their new releases. Actually, the follow feature has been available for a while, but now you can receive a personal note along with the new release …

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Jul 08 2015

Kindle Unlimited: What Authors are Forgetting

I’ve been distracted from writing stories because of all the fuss going on about the changes to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited; so much so, I had to finally publish my two cents on the changes. And, in this case, change is good. Enrolling your book in the old Kindle Unlimited (KU 1.0) would have gotten you …

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Jan 28 2015

Most Important Advice for Fiction Writers

After writing a short story and handing it over to my seventh grade Literature teacher for grading, she returned it with one sentence of advice written over the black text in big cursive red ink: Make your reader like your characters before killing them!   This piece of advice stuck with me through all my …

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